The Retiring Mind® Series Reader Reviews

What readers of The Retiring Mind® Series have had to say.

The Retiring Mind

Your book helped me realize that I'm not alone and gave me some ideas on activities to engage with now prior to my planned retirement.

— T. Guilfoy

Your book is the type I want to carry with me in my back pocket for review and reflection when I have a quiet moment.

— J. Ayres

The big "aha" was the ability to see retirement in the realm of the path of the soul.

— rlangmuir

While I was reading the book I felt as though you were in the room with me.

— D Hall

My husband and I feel your book is well worth reading and discussing!

— P. Kaiser

I just read The Retiring Mind and it is terrific!!

— M. Kozikowski

I wish I would have read this book BEFORE I retired!

— J. Eichert

I started reading your book and felt that you were talking to me.

— Griffin

I just finished The Retired Mind. I loved the book.

— P. Mead

I think once a reader "Gets It" they will see the boundless rewards which await them.

— J. Ellis

I so thoroughly enjoyed your book. I read it twice now and your approach definitely resonates with me.

— B. Forsythe

This book is not terrific, it is marvelous.

— B. Krysiak

I felt that 'The Retiring Mind' was very thought provoking and really a great conversational tool.

— D. Beck

Your "truths" in the form of Happiness Realizations are spot on, and reinforced the truths I've been finding in my life.

— RL

This is an excellent read and I am getting a lot of essential information from it.

— T. Drake

Thanks for a very powerful book. My deepest appreciation for you and your most illuminating journey.

— V. Wood

I found the book entertaining and provocative.

— M. Evon

I loved the book.

— B. Brodbeck

Your book, once read, and then seen through our own mirror is in my view life saving.

— G. Kennedy

You won't be able to put this book down.

— W. Ayres

It is such a sweet, thoughtful book.

— W. Ayres

Your thoughts are well thought-out, expressed extremely well and timely.

— T. Drake

“Thanks for a very powerful book. My deepest appreciation for you and your most illuminating journey.”
V. Wood

The Retiring Mind

“You won't be able to put this book down.”
W. Ayres

The Retiring Mind