Honey I'm Home book cover

Honey, I'm Home is a book about how to avoid or manage marriage conflicts that often are experienced after retirement. It may come as a shock when tension and discord increase after one or both spouses leave the workplace. Left unattended, these conflicts can become chronic and destroy the happiness and peace that were long anticipated after many years of work. The Office of National Statistics confirms this problem by reporting that the rate of divorce is dropping sharply for every age group, except for those over 60.

This book helps the reader gain a greater understanding of the causes of marital disagreements, with particular emphasis on resolving personality conflicts.

It provides specific guidelines and actions that can be taken to restore the harmony that is being disrupted by frustration and anger. It answers the following questions:

  • What are the primary causes of marital conflict in retirement?
  • What are the hidden incompatibilities in your relationship?
  • How can you effectively resolve personality differences that exist between you and your spouse?
  • How can you rekindle and renew the heartfelt emotions that were a mainstay of your relationship in years past?
  • How can you and your partner grow in your relationship and find greater peace and understanding?